Move out peacefully.
Store without moving.

Much more than a self-storage and moving service.

Are you short of space and want to store some of your stuff? YouStock modernizes the "conventional storage" and brings you the made-to-measure storage solution to the nearest cubic meter that suits your needs. You only pay for what you actually store and we will come to your home to collect your belongings, so you no longer need to move!

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Why choosing our storage service?

For all the things you can do from your couch 🛋 😉

Renting a storage box can quickly become a real logistical challenge! You have to think about: renting a truck, dismantling and reassembling your furniture, the difficult handling of your large pieces of furniture as well as your fragile personal belongings, but also buying packing materials (moving boxes, wardrobe boxes, crockery boxes, etc.). Add to this the stress of storing everything in your storage space! 😮 This is why we offer you a tailor-made storage solution that adapts to your needs and your budget.

Doorstep collection 🚚💨

We will come to your home to collect your belongings, no need to leave home anymore!

Free for less than 5 m³ 👍
Secure storage 🔒

We store your goods for the duration of your choice in our secure storage facility closed to the public. Access to the storage space is strictly controlled.

Flexible storage duration

1 month, 6 months, 1 year, with or without commitment, you choose your storage duration!

Delivery within 48 hours

We will deliver some or all of your stored items, whenever and wherever you want! Make an online request from your online inventory.

Free of charge up to 1 m³ per month
Fair and transparent pricing

Our prices are calculated as close as yours needs, so you only pay for what you actually store. Need more or less space? Your rate adjusts. 0 handling fee. Build your rate thanks to our simulation tool.

Tailor-made service 🔧

We can do everything: pack, dismantle and reassemble your furniture (sideboard, wardrobe, corner sofa, etc.), deliver moving boxes... We are here to help you and make your life easier!

We know how valuable your stuff is 😉

Your personal belongings have sentimental value, we take great care of them.

Your furniture and personal effects are insured up to 300€ per item and per m³. This insurance is included in all storage contracts. The value of your goods is higher? Opt for all-risk insurance that insures your belongings up to the value you declare.

High-quality service 👌

We have our own operational team that we recruit and train in our methodologies. This guarantees you a quality service, carried out by removal and storage professionals in whom we have 100% confidence.

Tracking 🔍

During the pick up, all your belongings are carefully labelled and entered into our tracking software. You can track all movements from your customer account.

Keep it under control

All your belongings are photographed 📸 by our movers and listed on your online inventory, so you always have them at hand!

24/7 video surveillance
Intrusion and fire alarm system
Clean and ventilated storage centre
Controlled access
Insurance included in all our contracts

Move with ease anywhere in the Ile-de-France and PACA regions

Moving can be stressful, you have to think of everything: from renting the moving truck to buying the equipment and not forgetting the administrative procedures.
That's why we make moving easier by offering a range of tailor-made services to suit your budget and your needs. You are leaving your home but the next one is not yet ready? Take advantage of an all-in-one moving and storage solution
Thanks to our calculator, you can make your moving estimate directly online and know in advance how much it will cost you depending on the volume to be moved. You can even book your service instantly.

You can also consult our moving guide to help you with your move. 

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Customer service always available

Do not hesitate to ask for advice from one of our experts. Our customer service department will help you find the best solutions to your problems and answer all your questions.

They're available Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 6:30pm.

Our advisers are charming 😉
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